Scenes from Lake Junaluska

Two weeks ago our class at church went on retreat to Lake Junaluska, N.C.


The cross at Lake Junaluska
Sunday morning at Junaluska was misty and cool.


In addition to the retreat, led by our senior pastor, Dr. Carney, we had a lot of free time. Some folks went into Asheville. I stayed at Junaluska to walk around the lake.


Lake Junaluska
Looking at the Lambuth Inn across Lake Junaluska


Many people own cottages around the lake and rent them out.


Puppy topiary at Lake Junaluska
This puppy topiary cracks me up every time I see it.



Another view of the lake
Saturday morning the lake at Junaluska was like a mirror. And I got the geese in the shot!


The labryinth beside Memorial Chapel was a good place to meditate.


Labryinth, Memorial Chape, Lake Junaluska
A quiet moment by the labryinth



Sunday lesson (on time for studying this week)

Series:                            What’s The Plan?
Lesson Title:             God’s Power Strengthens
Date:                               Week of October 10
Lesson Passages:   Ephesians 3:14-21

Through this scripture Paul’s shares his prayer for us. He prays that Christ will dwell at home in our hearts permanently and completely so that we may comprehend the fullness of His love for us. It is wide, long, high and deep. Continue reading “Sunday lesson (on time for studying this week)”

Sunday lesson

Sorry so behind! I’ve been playing hooky.

Series: What’s the Plan?
Lesson Title: God’s Power Comes By Grace
Date: Week of October 3
Lesson Passages: Ephesians 3:1-13

Through this scripture we are reminded that God’s grace is always miraculous. Too often we think we have to try hard to get close to God and only certain actions will make Him happy with our lives. But the Gospel message proclaims that God will make us the inheritors of all the promises given in Scripture.

Reading about the great work of Paul, and how much there was for God to forgive, we see there is hope for us.  Even God’s greatest enemy can be turned into a great missionary. The gospel is God’s grace, not God’s punishment.  Even those ignored, feared, and rejected by men have a place in God’s plan. His grace is sufficient for all humankind. Continue reading “Sunday lesson”