About me

My youngest nephew couldn’t pronounce Jen when he was little. He called me  “Gem.” Obviously the kid understands my true worth. My dear brother corrupted this lovely nickname into “Jim.” Now the family knows me as Aunt Jim.

I’m a middle-aged maiden aunt living in SC with one cat, a demanding job and about several dozen extra pounds to lose. I’m going to throw lots of odds and ends on this blog. My goal is to keep in touch with my nephews and niece.

Oh, and I‘ll have earned a Master’s degree in another month August 2010. I was finally be able to start hanging out with my friends again. Life is good!

Update, 2014: Now that so many of friends and family are in far-flung places, I’m not writing it just for my niece and nephews. This is also to keep in touch with those in Alabama, North Dakota, New York and Virginia. Has it really been since 2010 that I’ve had this? Wow…. so much time has gone by. And yet I still have a few dozen pounds to lose. Funny, that.


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