Ah, that thief of time…stealing hours from my CBAP prep

I’ve written before on procrastination.  It’s still a challenge. When I wrote my most recent post I had it all planned out: I would journal each night in my lovely “Keep Calm and Write On” journal a friend gave me for Christmas. Then I’d post regularly each Sunday. Maybe I’d slip a random cat picture in on Saturdays. (“That’s Caturday” says Pickles.) Then both the reality of my new exercise schedule (6:30 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday, 8 a.m. Saturday), and my inherent sloth kept that from happening. So here we are. On Thursday, writing a post I meant to publish last Sunday.

It’s also making hash of my study schedule for the Certified Business Analysis Practitioner exam. Actually, I should reword that – I’m allowing distractions to make a hash of my schedule. “Procrastination” isn’t something that happens to me – I’m doing it. And I’m doing it to avoid dealing with the dry-as-dirt text of the review manual I must cover. I’ve never read anything so boring. I’ve taken economics and accounting classes in college that had more pep and dramatic interest. It amazes me that the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) could wick the life out of my job and drain it of all interest. My day-to-day job – helping to build or add on to web sites for a large company – is fascinating. You’d never know that if all you knew of business analysis was this Business Analysis Book of Knowledge and the review text. After a month I am still on chapter five of a nine-chapter book.

So here’s the plan to conquer procrastination and get this over with: Get up a little earlier on Mondays and Wednesdays, head to work early, and study for one hour before starting work. Tuesday nights – study from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday nights – study from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays – do at least one hour of catch-up review.

Will I do it? I can’t let this drag on forever. Readers, keep me honest and cheer me on!


So thankful

Today I had brunch with a dear friend after a morning of busy activity … Exercise and a chiropractic appointment. She brought me up to speed on all the cool stuff she’s doing, like organizing a retreat next weekend. Then it was off to do errands in a leisurely, no-stress way. … Just the way I’d love to live my life if only I could be one of the ladies who lunch! Working for the man has its perks (hello, generous benefits) but that 9-10 hour block out of the middle of the day can be a little trying. Like my dad always said, the only problem with work is that it’s just so daily. . . .

Crossing items off the to-do list is one of the best feelings in the world! I have a lot more to do but my computer at home has gone iffy, so I’m taking that as a sign I should relax now.

And many other things are going well… A friend who was in ICU was moved to a regular room earlier this week. Today she’s going home! A great praise.

The minor irritations

Of the following four items, select which has bothered me the most today:

A) Discovering the wonderful drugs the doc prescribed for my back pain make me nauseous
B) Being woefully behind at work having missed yesterday for medical appointments and part of Friday for holiday as well as roughly 1/3 of last week due to back pain-related concentration issues
C) Sighing over my sloppy house (I hurt too much to bend over and pick things up)
D) Failing repeatedly to advance beyond level 6 on Angry Birds

The correct answer is “D.”

I’m drinking soda and eating crackers for the nausea; staying later to catch up at work, and starting to clean again (slowly.) But this game — Argh! I got nothing.

Aunt Jim Can’t Bend … again

It’s another go-round of serious back pain for ol’ Aunt Jim. Since March 8 I’ve been seeing my chiropractor for back pain. This is a 10 or 12-year-old injury which flares up from time to time. Usually a few visits to Dr. Jones-McCaw take care of things. But it’s been three weeks, and after making seven chiro visits in seven days, and sleeping in 45-minute stretches last night, both she and I knew it was time for my second MRI.

Today I called in sick and got the works done. First, the appointment with my family practitioner, a great doc who’s seen me through this before. He immediately sent me for x-rays. (Technology has progressed since my last set. Then I had to carry the X-rays from the lab to his office. Today they were digital. He just logged on and checked them.) After he saw them I got the news I expected – degenerated interveterbral disc – and we scheduled an MRI for 2 p.m. It’s still the same sensation of being in a washer during all the cycles … agitation, rinse and spin. I should get some results in about 48 hours.

Being unable to bend means certain lifestyle adjustments. I turned a long box sideways and put the cat’s bowl on the inner bottom side and grasp the top side to lower it to the floor. Getting into my clothes is a form of aerobic exercise and requires extra time. And my house is a mess. If I drop it, I literally can’t bend over to pick it up unless I grab a countertop and execute an Arabesque penchée. Surprisingly, that ballet move adjusts the weight on my lower back (especially my sacrum) so I can bend over. Otherwise, not a chance.

But whenever God shuts a door, he always opens a window. Now I have a great excuse for hiring someone to clean out my gutters!

Sick, sick, sick

After the excitement of the past week my body has decided to force me to slow down and recuperate. A sore throat and general tiredness have me in bed and gobbling Ricola drops.

It could be all the changes in temps. I flew home from the land of 42 degree highs to Columbia, where 55 degrees is considered cold. When I went to lunch yesterday with my friend Jill I didn’t wear a jacket, cause to me it was balmy! Bad idea.

Gift No. 15 – Lunch with Friends

Today I had lunch with three friends after church at the re-opened Atlanta Bread Company (yea!) It’s so great to  be able to talk and talk about anything and everything – nothing work-related, nothing stressful. One of my friends has been going through a rough patch, so I regaled her with stories about my minor irritations. They’re the kinds of things that are funny only when you look back on them: my two-week cold, then my war with a computer virus, which led to customer support lines and a fantasy of carrying out a Facebook-Dad style shooting of my old laptop. (I finally broke down and bought a new low-end Dell.) My friend said her son could probably fix it if I wanted him to try. Earlier I’d been joking with my Dad about all the efforts I’d put into trying to save that laptop – two hour-plus calls with Dell and a trip to the Geek Squad. I felt like I was living through a digitized version of the old Ladies’ Home Journal feature “Can this Marriage Be Saved?” I’ve been through three different “counselors” already! But now, with this new offer, I feel a glimmer of hope … perhaps that busted laptop can be saved….